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The Political Causes Included The Rivalry Between

What happened in Guatemala in the s?

In the s, Guatemala was wracked by a civil war. The conflict began after a military coup in , and it lasted for more than years. During the war, the government and its opponents used a variety of weapons, including bombs, bullets, and chemical warfare.

As a result, the country was devastated.

More than , people were killed, and millions were displaced. What were some of the causes of the civil war in Guatemala?

There were many causes of the civil war in Guatemala.

Some of the primary reasons were political, economic, and social. The political causes included the rivalry between the two main political parties, the Guatemalan Revolutionary Party (PRG) and the National Revolutionary Unity (URNG), and the power struggle between the military and the civilian government. The economic reasons included the unequal distribution of wealth and the corruption of the government and the military. The social causes included the discrimination against certain groups, such as the indigenous people, the rural poor, and the women.

What were some of the consequences of the civil war in Guatemala?

The civil war in Guatemala had a number of consequences. First, it was a devastating war, with more than , people killed.

Second, the country was virtually destroyed, with more than million people displaced.

Third, the civil war led to a rise in violence and crime, as combatants and civilians turned to crime to survive. Fourth, the civil war led to a decline in the standard of living for the population, as a result of the destruction of infrastructure and the loss of jobs. Fifth, the civil war created a generation of refugees, who had to start from scratch in a new country.
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