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We're Here To Help You Learn About The Ptolemaic

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We're here to help you learn about the Ptolemaic dynasty, one of the most important and influential periods in ancient Greek and Roman history. The Ptolemaic dynasty ruled Egypt during the Hellenistic period, a time of great change and progress. King Ptolemy I (- BC) founded the dynasty, and his son, Ptolemy II (- BC), greatly expanded the kingdom.

Ptolemy III (- BC) was a great general and ruled as a Pharaoh.

His son, Ptolemy IV (- BC), succeeded him and continued the dynasty's expansion. The Ptolemaic dynasty reached its height under Ptolemy V (- BC). He expanded the kingdom to include Syria and Palestine, and founded the city of Alexandria as a major port and cultural center.

However, the dynasty came to an end with the death of Ptolemy V in BC.

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