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According To The World Book

If you love history and science, then you'll love Amazon!

This massive rainforest is home to many fascinating creatures, including the mighty Amazon tiger. But what about the Amazon rainforest's connection to reading? According to the World Book Encyclopedia, the Amazon rainforest was once the home of many indigenous tribes who used the trees for their valuable timber.

The tribes also used the forest's dense undergrowth for concealment and to store food.

In the early s, the Portuguese began to explore the area andsaw the potential for extracting timber and exporting coffee. The Amazon rainforest was largely destroyed bylogging and deforestation in the late s and early s.

Today, the Amazon rainforest is home to many endangered species, including the Amazon tiger.

But the forest's importance goes far beyond the animals that live there. The Amazon rainforest is one of the world's most important sources of oxygen, and it helps to regulate the climate. The Amazon rainforest also helps to sustain the world's rain-soaked forests, which play an important role in the global water cycle. So next time you're looking for a reading adventure, be sure to check out Amazon!
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